smart products and improved processes

Initial planning stage

We draw up a proposal for the manufacturing method and overall schedule, and based on this information calculate a rough cost estimate. After doing this and dealing with any other issues, we consider the feasibility of manufacturing the proposed product on a commercial scale.

Product Development Phase

After establishing the feasibility of the project, we determine the specifications of the product in more detail by working on the design and manufacture of the dies, as well as selecting and obtaining the necessary processing machinery and tools etc.

Prototype production/evaluation

Based on the product plans and quality specifications we produce a prototype. We then work to establish whether the product meets the required quality standards. We repeat this process of product development, prototype production and prototype evaluation until the prototype reaches the standard of quality required.

Commercial Production

When all the preparations are complete, commercial production begins. Even at this stage, modifications and improvements are made to the manufacturing line, and our engineers are continually trying to improve their work. The whole team actively cooperates to make high quality products as efficiently as possible.

Inspection, Shipment, Delivery

The completed goods are closely inspected manually and by machine to make sure there are no defects or flaws. Only those goods that pass the inspection are delivered to the customer, packed carefully to prevent contamination or damage.